Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big Thanks, Big Scary and Small Publishing

Thank you to all who made our post funddraiser funddraisng successful! On January 9th I went to the offices of George Bourchart, literary agents, and signed a contract granting Intentional Theater the right to produce Samuel Beckett's "Happy Days" in February and March of 2009! We are truly on our way!

Unfortunately we are not able to begin working as the wonderful Janet Ward, our Winnie, is very ill. She will recover, but not quickly, so our plan of having, in April, an invited presentation of a couple of sections of the play is scotched. This is the Big Scary mentioned in the title of this post. She'll be okay, but she is very sick now and I worry evrey day over her.

In the meantime I am working double time on a publishing aspect of the project!
When Janet, Dale, Alba and I were going through the "Happy Days" notebook of Beckett's we were delighted to find citations and quotations of the literary refrences made in the play. All the times Winnie can't remember a poem, Beckett has something particular in mind, and he wrote down what they were! It was very exciting and illuminating and we said to each other that it would really be great to make a little booklet of the poems! We'd call it "Those Wonderful Lines" and perhps use it to raise funds. So that is what is happening! I've compiled the poems, and Winnie's attempts to remember them and I'm putting together a little chapbook of poems! It's all coming together with the help of The Women's Press Collective, an all volunteer alternative media outlet in Brooklyn. "Those Wonderful Lines" will be completed in early Summer, with illustrations by Erin Hiser