Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poetry Poetry Poetry (Fundraiser!)

Come one and all to Lolita Bar on Broome and Allen, October 22nd at 6:oo pm for poetry, prizes and fun to raise funds for Intentional Theater's Happy Days!  $10.00 entry.  

This project has been suffused with poetry since it's inception; from the time Janet and I discovered that Beckett's text could be scanned as Shakespeare's text can to our finding and reading all the poems that Winnie can't remember and more.  Beckett was a poet.  Janet was a poet.  Asta's husband is a poet.  So . . . poetry reading!

On the 22nd of October, downstairs at Lolita Bar, we will have several New York poets read new work on a theme suggested by the play, commissioned by Intentional Theater.  They will also read other pieces of their own.  I have given each poet a choice of theme for the new poem; either "the allure of death" or "the unknowability of time".  

Other fun to be had will be a raffle with great prizes, a poem that you may add to (for a small fee) projected on a wall, baked goods for sale and . . .  drum roll please, "Those Wonderful Lines", the chapbook of poems that Winnie can't remember will be on sale!

It promises to be a great evening and you should all come!