Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dreaming Through the Maze

I have a dream. A simple but difficult dream that I'm scheming to bring to reality. That dream is for Intentional Theater's Happy Days to run in an off broadway house for a substantial run, for it to be reviewed by the best writers at the Times and the Voice, and for a wide audience to experience it.
I have no experience with how to make this happen and am feeling my way through the process: I have begun a conversation with people at what I hope is a likely candidate.

This seems to be a slow process.

In the meantime, a project I thought would start this fall was given a space grant and accepted to the NY Fringe Festival and so I am rehearsing a new play! The play is Truth Values: One
It is DeCari's story of her experiences at MIT, in the PhD track studying logic, and why she became an actress instead of a mathemetician. DeCari is an excellent actress and writer and it is a joy to work on it with her.
A 12 minute snippet will be presented on Thursday June 25th at Dance Theater Workshop 219 W. 19th Street, NYC, 7:30 $10.
Fringe performances are not yet scheduled.