Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Bunch of Photos, mostly from Open Rehearsal 11/9/08

Asta Hansen lookin' lovely in costume.

Winnie up to her neck in mock set.

Winnie explaining how one sometimes get through the whole day without having put up at all.  The rehearsal sunshade did a fine job, but will be replaced anyway.  The sunshade will become smaller and more whimsical.  Tassels will be included.  

Rehearsal props.  Some are done.  Some not.   It is impossible to rehearse this play without props.   The lines and the actions are so intertwined as to be one.

The cover of our chapbook.  It is the poems that Winnie tries to remember during the course of the play.  The picture on the cover of the book is our earlier postcard photo, with Janet Ward as Winnie.  I miss her.  

Me and Asta Hansen in costume, listening to someone after our scenes presentation.  We got some good feedback that day.  We learned some things that were working well and some that needed tweaking.  

Dale Fuller in the Willie hat.  I love this hat - it is just right - except that it is a little too small for Dale.  I made it from aluminum foil and paper mache.  I'll have to make another and I hope the new one comes out as nicely as the first!

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Catharine said...

So incredible to see Happy Days going up. It is sunny in california, but Rumsey is buried halfway....wait....